limited the time a user can login per day


Hi. Is there a program or a way to limit the amount of time a user can be logged in per day? For instance, I want Susan to only be able to be logged in for 4 hours a day. Even better, she can only be logged in between 6am and 11pm. Any thoughts?

i guess theres a possibility to do this using a shell script which u could add to the startup items.

u could use the shutdown or reboot command, to reboot or to shutdown u mac after a given time.

to find out how to use these commands, open the shell and type "man shutdown" or "man reboot"

maybe theres also a command to automatically log out (perhaps its even called logout?? :) )
You can do that with macintosh manager for OS X.

The pb is that Mac Manager Client is not ported on OS X at this time.

But it will be soon.

The other pb is that Mac Manager is a client/server software and ther server only works with an OS X Server.

Cool, yeah I'm prob just gonna write a shell script to keep track of the time. I want to make sure it keeps track of multiple logins throughout the day, as well as not losing the data upon reboot (wtmp w/ linux gets cleared on reboot). Does anyone know what time keeps track of logins with OS X?