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I had FileMaker Pro 5 on Classic. For testing Mac OS X, I downloaded FileMaker 5.5 for X. Automatically, my fileMaker files opened with X version (the file version is the same).
Now, the X demo version has expired. I put it in the trash and empty the trash.

But the documents are always open by default by v. 5.5. So when I double-click on them, nothing happen.

I wanted to change the default application, but the button for doing that in the infos window is disable... I can't change the link to FileMaker 5.5

Does someone have an idea what I can do ?

Thank you for any help.

I'm sorry, I founded the problem : I had the FileMaker at different places on the disk. So I hadn't remove it completely. For an unknown reason, it didn't start any more, but now that I have delete it, the default application for fileMaker file is the classic application :)