Link Sys Wireless Connection to Powerbook G4


have LinkSys Model BEFW11S4 4port Router (ver 4) and have connected my Apple Powerbook G4 successfully for years.

Recently purch'd for work reasons A Toshiba Laptop (XP Pro) and it has had trouble with the wireless connection. It would Drop internet connectivity after some limited use. Toeday, LinkSys Support assisted me in changing Router Config as follows:

Added : WEP Security Mode with encryption
KEY and PassPhrase.

Wireless Channel changed to: 11-2.467 GHz

these changes Do seem to have corrected my problem with dropping on the Toshiba/XP laptop but NOW my Powerbook will not connect.

I 've searched and contacted Apple but they were less than eager to assist for obvious reasons.

Can you please offer any assistance.

I know that I have to somehow assign these changes to a new network config in Apple/Wireless Network Location.. which I have tried, but Airport appears to be connected but returns this message:
Connected to N/W keenerlinksys, but Airport has a self-assigned IP Addr and mauy not be able to conn to internet.

Help Please ****

I Hate Windows!

cris keener


go into your Network preferences, then the Airport pane
set up a location for the said router
underneath the airport ID should be a click box that says
"be default, join :Automatic"
just click on it and change it to your specified network
and when you're done setting that up, when you're ready
to use the said network, just go back into your Network
preferences, and change the location.


I have had similar problems with a BEFW11S4 v3 at my parents house. They are using a preshared key (WEP 40 /128 bit <-- from memory, not wholly correct). My dad uses a thinkpad that has no problems. My powerbook signs on to the network, but fails to load a webpage. Safari just spins and spins, as does Firefox. I flashed the router to the latest software, deleted the settings from my Powerbook and re-entered them, restarted ALL devices in question and recieved no results.

Apparently, there is something with interaction between Apple WEP keys and Linksys Keys.

I read in an earlier post that perhaps assigning the router as the DNS server in Network Configuration may help.

Anyone have any ideas?