link URL in ssi



I'm trying to use ssi to include a URL.

I am able to include local pages with

<!--#include virtual="./menu.html"-->

But what I'd like to do is include a website such as:

<!--#include virtual=""-->

Does anyone know if this is possible, or if not is there another tool that I can use to embed a webpage into a webpage?

You might have to do this through PHP or something like that instead. If you have PHP, I believe this function might do what you want.
I guess that I didn't give you the whole story...

I do not have administrative privileges, and am just one of many users on this system (~100).

The apache server is on a restricted machine, but it mounts the user accounts via nfs.

In my public_html directory I have built a series of webpages that uses css to format the appearance.

My administrator has built for me a mailing list server (Mailman) on the apache machine.

What I want to do is use ssi or some other technique to put the mailman list server into my webpage and force it to use my css.

Is this possible (it doesn't seem so) and if so how do I do it?

As I write this now I'm realizing that ssi can't do this. Is there any other method I should consider?

There's PHP scripts out there which allow you to "grap" or "scrape" content off a web page...might be worth looking into.

The Mailman page (original) it's presentation controlled by CSS or is it done the other way? The only issue I see is if it's CSS might have an issue with the CSS of the original page overriding your styles, unless you find a script which allows you to remove certain parts of the scraped code (which is easy to do). Maybe just insert everything between the body tags from the mailman page to be safe.


One script is class_http. Here's a quick and dirty example of it in action ( main page [] being grabbed).