Linking iBook to Car Stereo


I am going on a long trip soon and want to back up all my CDs to iTunes so that I can then play it in the car on my way. Almost a Faux iPOD with iTRIP.... anyway I can do it?
Buy a tape adapter. You put the tape-like part into the tape player of the car. From that part there's a cable with a cinch connector, which fits into the iPod, iBook or any other device which has a headphone plug.
Aftermarket or stock radio (head unit)?

Some stock ones allow you to connect directly though the radio's AUX feature/mode. Some have a proprietary connector, others use mini-stereo jacks. It all depends on a lot of factors. Aftermarket ones are generally easier to deal with, at least the mid to upper range ones (Clarion, Alpine, Kenwood, etc.).
dont forget those converters that switch the lighter pluging in a car to the wall plugin like in your house so you can plug in your book
Many moons ago I got one of those so the kids could watch movies all the way across South Dakota. It didn't play nice with my powerbook so make sure that you can try it out or take it back.

I also have one an AUX connector for my boring stock Ford radio it works great! I use it for my iPod but it is the same mini-plug as the iBook.