Linking in to the iTunes store?


Hi all,

Does anyone know if it's possible to code a web link that will
launch iTunes, and take you in to a specific section of the iTunes store?

I want to write some music reviews, and this would seem to be a good legal way to provide samples.

Sure. Just drag and drop the link at the top of the window, for instance, you might see Alternative Rock> Barenaked Ladies. Drag "Barenaked Ladies" to a document and the URL is there.
Adam, thanks so much for your reply. I've been doing html for 10 years but it would have taken me another 10 to figure that one out. So simple, once you know the trick.

This opens up a whole new section of my web site. Thanks man, appreciate it!
You can even apply at Apple so you get a small kickback if people buy songs through links on your site. I keep forgetting where it is, buy you might find it on or through googling...