Can you please help me . I would like to know(a) can or is there any way to connect a G4 powerbook a G4 ibook and a G4 power mac together and be able to access each mac from the other as my frinds a i want to link our macs together so we can write and record some music(all in the same room).
(b) i have the new ilife 05 and put on my mac and now after i make a movie useing imovie i can no longer burn to a disk it takes me to idvd and say i dont have a super drive to burn disks dose this mean i have to by a new cd/dvd drive (or was a new super drive the bit missing out of the box that the softwear came in ,it is a big box for just 2 disks)lol
a) Yes. This is called a "Network". The easiest way to do this is with Airport, though a more cost-effective way if you don't have airport is to use ethernet cables and an ethernet hub.

b) If it says you don't have a superdrive, this means that the drive in your computer is not a DVD-writer (Apple calls these "Superdrive", but its the same thing). You *can* upgrade to a DVD-writer, but it can be expensive. You can also compile the project on a computer without a superdrive and then open it on another Mac that does have superdrive and burn it from there, so if one of your friends has a DVD writer as part of their kit ths might be an option.