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Hello! My husband is having trouble setting up our Linksys wireless LAN for encryption. It seems that every time he tries a setting that might seem compatible with my OSX (10.3.9) airport card, the number of digits in the password doesn't match what he has set up on his computer. My airport works fine without encryption. When he tries a "128-bit" setting, I try to highlight WEP 40/128-bit hex and the number of characters is set at a specific number (I think 8). Anyway, we just can't seem to get my computer to access the wireless once it's set up for encryption. Can you help?

My technical level is in the medium-high area. :)
A good first try is to use a key like all 1's on both ends and see if you can get that to work. In days of old we had one that had screwed up endieness issues so you had to use a key that was the same under both interpretations for it work on both macs and pcs [ without doing the conversion in you head of course ;-) ]
WEP is not very secure - you should use WPA Pre-Shared Key
with TKIP if the choice is available.


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