Linksys Router And G3 Imac Running 10.3.9


I just purchased a Linksys wireless router - WTG54G to share an internet connection with my g3 imac, running os 10.3.9, using a speedstream DSL modem. My intent is to share my DSL connection with a new imac g5 using AirPort extreme.

Here is my problem: I'm new to the networking lingo, but pretty good with OS X. I called Linksys support they say "it will work with your Mac but we do not support it", they also suggested I use a Windows laptop to configure the router and then it would work with both my macs, even though a windows machine will not be connected to the network.

Can someone please walk me through step by step how to set up the router? I've made several attempts and I cannot connect to the internet.

I also tired to use the network setup assistant but that failed because I could not connect.

Following some advice I found I changed the IP address to match the one in the instructions, but do I change it on the current set up for my DSL account or create a new setting. I tried both, and I was unsuccessful.

Thanks in advance!!