Linksys router stopped working


This is the scenario a couple of days ago:

I had two computers connected to Linksys router -- one a PC (Compaq) using Windows XP and another Mac (PowerBookG4) with 10.3.9 OS X 0 -- that was connected to a Cox cable modem.

I changed nothing but there was a thunderstorm. Everything is plugged into surge protectors so I didn't turn off my computer.

Problem: I can connect to the internet with each computer as long as I do it directly from the cable modem and bypass the Linksys router. I cannot have both connected at the same time. Linksys doesn't support Mac so they told me I'm on my own with this.

Can anyone offer any help? I'd appreciate it.



Sounds like the router fried

That's odd they say don't support Mac. hmmmm. Maybe you can fudge and see what they say if you tell them it's 2 pc's.


Thanks for getting back to me.

Here's the good news: I took a deep breath, set aside a couple of hours, found the original CD and started from the beginning... it is working fine now.

I learned a lot.