linksys vs. netgear (wireless)


I found mixed opinions throughout this forum about whether Netgear or Linksys gave people more problems. The fact that some people actually recommended D-link makes me take all this with a grain of salt, because I just had QUITE a time with D-link trying to get phone & email support and trying to get one of 3 of their products to work in my computer with NO luck. Plus tech support 1) has horrendous grammar to the point of confusion and 2) knows nothing about macs or compatibility, and to get the latest driver (1.4.7) you have to go to except they won't tell you that, they tell you they don't have drivers....


anyway, please respond with your personal experience with Linksys vs. Netgear.

Best Buy & Staples employees told me that Belkin & D-link are the worst products out there. Staples near me has had every one of their Belkin wireless products returned. Best Buy told me to go with Linksys or Netgear and that either would work.

I'm asking because after buying & returning 4 products, I don't want to return the next one! Best Buy is selling the LinkSys WRT54G for $69.99 and there are $30 in rebates but they expire on July 9th, so I have 2 days to decide to get this router.

I am trying to get my old G4 desktop online cheaply & wirelessly since the modem is downstairs.

I've had two links routers go bad. Now using a Netgear 814 without problems for at least a year.
I've been using a lynksys wireless network at home for a year now without problems.
Been using d-link at work. Non-stop problems.
Always re-starting the router. We've replaced three d-link routers in the past two years.
Your mileage may vary.
I have a Netgear wireless router. It works great - except when it just won't pass data and must be rebooted. Sometimes, it will go for days without rebooting, sometimes, it must be rebooted a few times per day.

I don't know what to use next.
Seems to me that every manufacturer sells a few duds.
Could be that specific model and year makes a greater difference than brand name.
Perhaps not even that. Maybe quality varies as the manufacturers switch component specs or suppliers from time to time.
Good luck.
Yeah, have a Netgear. As someone else noted - works great, except when it stops passing data, then must be rebooted. It is annoying, but not annoying enough to buy a different one - yet.
Had a netgear in the UK, always worked fine for me. Have a linksys WAG54g here, its ok, except when it loses connection with the dsl or internet (separate lights on the front), then you have to turn the switch on and off (won't reconnect through the web interface, which the netgear would).

Also, to be honest, i found the netgear interface a lot easier to use. Its all there on the linksys, i just keep forgetting where things are as they aren't in the obvious place.
I have had problems with both my linksys routers. I am now all Netgear, both wired & wireless, and things have beeen rock solid for 6 months! Netgear rocks..