Linksys Wireless-g Pci

Music Man


I am both a Mac and PC user. Currently, I have an older B&W G3 running Mac OS X 10.4.2. I also have a P4 running Windows XP Pro. Both computers have identical Linksys Wireless-G PCI cards in them. Needless to say, Linksys only supports Windows, and makes no effort to address Macintosh users. The Linksys card has worked beautifully in my G3 under 10.3.X, and it has continued to work flawlessly under 10.4.1. However, after downloading and installing Apple's OS update (10.4.2), the system rebooted, and my wireless connection disappeared! My G3 still sees the wireless card, and recognizes it as an Airport Extreme card, but it does not see any wireless networks, even when I physically set the wireless router on top of the system. I swapped wireless cards between my PC and my G3, and the cards both check out. I have tried contacting Apple, but as it's an older G3, and the Linksys card is (obviously) a 3rd party device, they refuse to help me, and Linksys does not support Apple. I've tried looking around on the Internet for a 3rd party (hackware) driver for OSX, but I have had no success. I have other 3rd party devices that work beautifully on my G3 (DVD-RW, USB Floppy, etc.), but the system is rendered useless until I can get my wireless card working again.

If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears. I have tried everything I can think of, and I'm seriously trying to avoid stringing ethernet cables all over my new house in order to restore both network and Internet connectivity to my G3.

I believe OrangeWear is the resource you need. They supply drivers for wireless cards, other than Airport.