Linksys Wrt54g For Ibook Os 9.1 And Dell Pc


I signed up with my local high speed Internet cable provider. I am trying to network an iBook with OS 9.1, Power PC G3 and a Dell Pentium IV. The cable is hard wired to the PC.
What do I have to do to complete the network to the iBook?
Thank you
You are going to need a way to connect them all so they can share the internet connection. There are two ways about it.

Option 1.: Make one computer "share" the connection
You can do this by taking the Dell (assuming you are running Windows XP or Windows 2000) and sharing the internet connection. You will need at least two network cards on the Dell. One for the connection to the Internet, and the other for the connection to the network. The iBook would also have to be connected wired to one of the ethernet ports on the switch. In this scenario, the Dell computer is acting as the "gateway" router for this internal network since it is sharing its internet connection to the iBook.

If you wanted to have the iBook connect wirelessly, then you would need an access point for the wireless connection and it would be connected to the network, acting as a bridge between the wired and wireless connection.

Option 2.: Buy a multi-port router for your home
This is probably the best of the two, since you are knocking out many solutions in one purchase. An example would be to get a wireless router like the Linksys WRT54G, which is what I have at home. This device has a 4 port switch built in to it as well as a wireless access point. That's 3 devices in 1 (router, switch, access point). All you would need to do is connect your internet connection to the "WAN" port on the wireless router and connect the Dell to one of the four "LAN" ports. The iBook can then connect wirelessly through the access point antennae. Once this is set up, all you would need to do is configure the router to your liking.

In this scenario, the wireless router is acting as the "gateway" for the internal network.