linux driver under osx 10.1



I currently connect to the net via a satellite service. Up link is via dial up and download via dish. There are windows and linus drivers but none for mac.

Can I install the satellite reciever card in a pci based mac using osx and install the linux drivers and have the card work?

It's a telemann 200d satellite card.


Linux drivers will most likely not work. Mac OS X is based on FreeBSD, which is a UN*X variant. Linux is a variant too, but it is more seperated. The drivers *might* work if you have to compile them, but don't expect a lot of support. You might be able to find a 3rd party with the drivers, but then again, I don't know.
Breaking the one helper rule but I just want to clarify.

Linux drivers won't work, the only way to get to work is to rewrite them almost totaly, although you can use the information you can glean from them to help write the new driver. FreeBSD drivers won't work either because OS X uses the new IOKit, which is a Embeded-C++ based framework for creating drivers that Apple came up with.

Then again, if you go into the Unix forums and maybe the developer forums and ask nicely maybe you can get some help in building a OS X driver from the information in the Linux driver.
Thanks Guy's.

I currently use a pc as a gateway so I get around it that way. But it would be nice to switch it off and use the mac!


Try posting to the darwin groups with more specific information about the card and the linux drivers.

join a mailing list, or just email one of the developers. I'm sure if the drivers are opensource, someone who is in the same predicament would love to help ya.