List View Not Sticking


I am the tech person for a desktop publishing department. I have an XServe running Mac OS X Server 10.4.2. All of the client computers run Mac OS X 10.4.2.

When a user creates a new folder on the server, it is created in icon view. We prefer to work in list view. The user changes the folder to list view. This view will persist for that user as long as they are logged in. Once the user logs out and back in, the folder reverts back to icon view.

The only way that I have found to make this stick is to follow these steps listed here:

Log in as the owner of the sharepoint, change the view of each folder, log out.

I would prefer that each user be able to make these changes themselves.

I tried this method as well but I have not had any luck.

My sharepoints are setup using Workgroup Manager. I have set the owner to a non-admin user. The group includes all users of the server. Both owner and group have Read/Write permissions. I have changed the permissions for Everyone to different options without effect.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Walters