load balancing


The built-in NIC on one of my G4's at work just failed and I started to wonder if anyone has tried or succeeded in seting up load balancing or fail-over accross multiple NICs.

I do this religiously on all my other systems and it's saved me on more than one occastion. This is the first NIC failure we've had on one of the Mac's (the hardware has made fans of many of us IT guys here!) Unfortunately we don't have a ton of time to spend on it and our Mac systems are becoming increasingly important. Losing time on this system brought out a ton of angry graphic artists. Dealing with artists is definately more difficult than than dealing with business analysts. I sure as hell want to avoid this situation as much as possible.

Anyone have a clue?!?
I have OS X Server and in the my search I found out that OS X Server does not support other NIC cards. I would guess that PB does not support other NIC\'s also.

Jazzy_Jay - OS X PB does indeed support multiple NIC\'s. (Just not mine. Arrr!)

Unfortunately, I can\'t help you beyond that, ulmerc.