Loading a Simcity 2000 Saved Game On a Mac That Was Made On a Pc Originally


Hi, I've created a great SimCity 2000 city on a PC while I was at computer camp...however I have the misfortune to find out when I got back to my PowerBook that the mac version of SimCity 2000 doesn't even see the saved game file with or without the extension, but sees the saved game originally made on the mac (which btw is no where as good)...anyone know how I can revive this saved game file to make it loadable and playable on my mac? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

btw, not sure if this matters at all but I'm running MacOS X Tiger and am running SimCity 2000 via classic
I fixed the problem :D...it did seem to have to do with the files internal resource fork or whatever it is...this program fixed it: File Properties Editor , if you have a SimCity 2000 city you saved on your PC do the following:

1) Remove the extension, it doesn't do any good on MacOS X

2) Download File Properties Editor

3) Open the program and open your saved game file (if you're worried about it being corrupted you may want to make a backup copy just in case although I didn't experience such troubles)

4) Set the type as CITY and the creator as SCDH, then click Apply Modifications

5) Run SimCity 2000, it should now see your saved game file and you should be able to open it :D