Localization question


By default in control panel listed only 3 system scrips: Roman, Chinese or Japanese and something else. Is any way to add other language support? I browse folder and find numerous keymapping files for different languages, but not found Russian. Is there any way to convert script/keyboard resources from MacOS9? Or may be OS X contains another scripts/keybord, but require to change configurations file manually?
From what I understand, many, many more languages (and, thus, scripts and mappings) will be supported under the final release.

This is really a huge step forward in terms of how OS localization has been handled in the past.

ANyone got any idea if there are any Greek keyboard layouts & fonts for MacOS X on the net yet ????
On linux you have these .kmap or .map files with charachter-maps. Is it something like this on mac os x?
I really need to change my keyboard-settings in terminal, but I can't find any way to do it.
Any tips out there?
1) Reboot in os 9
2) Look for a file named ".GlobalPreferences.plist" in your USER's preferences, not root's preferences!It must be there:
/Users/ "youraccount folder"/Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences.plist
3) Make sure you have a copy of this file in a secure place !!!!!!!!!!
4) Now edit it with BBedit and replace the following words




5)save it

et voila !

that's it

reboot in os X

open the langages settings and have fun.
that's an old tip the new Worldwide Pß will support more langages...

I tried that but unfortunatelly it doesn;t work for some reason
(I tried this a long time ago)
I added italian and greek.
Unfortunatelly it did not turn my OS menus et al into greek or italian like it does for the german and french languages.
I have been trying to provide support for a Greek keyboard, too. Apparently, there is the Keyboards folder in the /System/Library hierarchy that includes a bunch of - ineditable - keymaps. There is no Greek keyboard there.

I have also read that in the OS X Server an application called Keyboard.app can be used to edit the keymappings. Does anyone have this app from OSXS? Can they send/post the binary executable so we can use it in OS X PB? Plllllease?

The trick is to map the keys to the Unicode codes for Greek characters.

On a separate note, the ISO-8859-7 is not fully supported by IE.5 for OS X PB.
This looks like the place. From JapanNewbie.com talks about.
I managed to turn on my Japanese Scripts.
Is there any idea on how to either Acquire a Japanese OS or otherwise run another language native on the Mac. i currently running 9.2 but OS X would not be turned down. i can purchase a US version . but what i want is Japanese at least to start with. not just a fun commands under japanese.

Such as Sound error files. etc..
The difference of switching From Japanese to English . NOT From English to Japanese it doesn/t quite cut it .