Locked Inbox and Outbox, Need Assistance


I'm on a Powerbook G3 Lombard, running 10.3.9. 512 MB. Using Apple's email program.

Just opened my mail and the following message came up.

"The mailbox “~/Library/Mail/POP-smb@pop.inch.com/INBOX.mbox” is currently locked by “Steven Blinn” on host “steven-blinn.local”. If you open a mailbox that already is in use, you may damage its contents."

I did a Read Only and all my messages appeared. I can open the messages in my Inbox and Outbox. However, when it comes to receiving new mail I can't.

Under "Get Info" the following appears...
Ownership & Permissions: You Can...Read & Write
Details: Owner: XYZ, Access: Read & Write, Group: XYZ, Access: No Access, Others: No Access

Any sugestions on how to correct this problem would be appreciated.

I haven't seem that message since Jaguar and it was pretty common in OS X 10.1. According to Apple you can ignore the message and go ahead and open the Mailbox without endangering anything. This usually happens when for some reason Mail is not shut down properly and has nothing to do with Ownership or Permissions or even the file being locked in the OS. It is a separate locking mechanism used only by Mail to prevent multiple users from inadvertently overwriting updates to the Mailboxes.
Thanks. My cable modem "blew up" when I was online and I had to shut down the machine.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.