LOCKED OUT! Login window only displays "Other..." user.


I'm running 10.2.8 and have been experiencing a very frustrating problem. When I boot, the login window only lists the network user, which appears as "Other..." with a little network icon beside it. My regular user, the one one which was supposed to be listed, is totally missing. In the Password Reset Utility, my username and the root are still listed, so I know that it still exists. Maybe something has become damaged?

What I've tried:
-I've experimented with every combination of user name and passwords in the two generic fields that apear when you click on the "Other..." user icon. Nothing.

-I've repaired disk permissions. I've run disk utility.

-Upon recomendation from an independant mac retailer, I booted in Single User Mode, and then systematically tried moving the com.apple.loginwindow.plist and com.apple.windowserver.plist files from /library/preferences/ to /, rebooting, and nothing (well, nothing usefull).

-I've tried booting up in Classic. It works, but seems pointless. I obviously can't access anything OS X related through OS 9. Sometimes my X partition doesn't mount when I boot up in 9.

If anyone knows of any possible solution, including how I can add a guest user to the netinfo database using the command line, or if i can just disable the login window altogether and just jump to the desktop (as root?) on startup, please reply or contact me shortly.

Thanks in advance!


I "kinda-sorta" had the same issue at work where my ADMIN account user went totally berserk and I couldn't access the account after restart. I had to ACCESS some files immediately to meet a deadline so ALTHOUGH THIS IS A BIT UNRELEVANT, all I did was create new account user with admin priviledges, restart, went back into prefs -> accounts, verified settings/pw was okay and checked box "automatically login as MACUSERXXX", then restart.

so that MIGHT help a teenie bit but that sucks man!
let me know what you ended up doing.
I don't know much about SINGLE-USER mode but if your someone able to access prefs, do the above.


The Late: SuperMacMod
In the Login window under Other user type Root

and use the Admin password and see if that gets you in.