logging in as root in terminal?


in 10.1 whenever i try to login as root (login root) through the terminal i get the following error:

root login refused on this terminal

i swear i could do this under 10.0.4. am i missing something?

Looks like Apple's still implementing some of their security features. The file /etc/ttys (which appears identical to 10.0.4's version) labels ttyp0 through ttyq4 as network and not secure, which causes root to be unable to login (probably setup this way to keep root from logging in through telnet).

Is there any reason why you don't just 'sudo somecommand' or if you need a regular shell as root, 'sudo -s'?

If you must, you can edit /etc/ttys and tag any ttyp? or ttyq? entries as secure, then 'login root' should work...

sudo su


sudo /bin/tcsh

/bin/tcsh can be changed to the path of the shell that you are using so if you are using bash it would be /bin/bash or wherever it is stored.

Also...have you enabled the Root User?
sudo su is what i was looking for, and yes, i have enabled the root user. thanks for all the help and adivce.