Logging into Appletalk only Servers


We know that Appletalk works because printing to
Appletalk printers works just great. I found a file in /etc called afpovertcp.cfg. According to the comments at the top of the file.. if you remove it, then it uses ATP for the default transport protocol instead of TCP/IP. Well I removed it but still haven't be able to connect to a NT 4.0 server yet. People have said that Appletalk worked in DP4, so it must be disabled and their should be a way to enable it again in OSX PB.

Anybody else have any insight?

Sorry, Apple has dropped AFP over AppleTalk support for Mac OS X beta; it's unclear if this is a final decision. The only reason AppleTalk is even in the OS at all is for printing.

Here's what you can do right now as far as connecting to servers. In each instance, AFP runs (or has the option to run) over TCP/IP:

1. Mac OS 9 / Mac OS X beta personal file sharing
2. Windows 2000 > Mac OS X beta access
3. Mac OS X beta / Mac OS X beta sharing
4. Mac OS X server > Mac OS X beta