Login Crash On Wake From Sleep...


I've got a dual G4 Powermac, 1.25mhz mirrored drive doors, running 10.4.2 that has a problem about 20% of the time waking from sleep. I have it set to require a password to get through the screensaver. What happens is, sometimes when it sleeps I will attempt to wake it up and the display will light up, the arrow cursor will appear but then, instead of the login window appearing, the cursor will eventually turn into the spinning beachball of death. If I go to another computer on the network and attempt to log in remotely, the G4 will never answer when I attempt to ssh to it. I can ping it and ftp to it (though it will never verify the password when ftp'ing) but ssh never answers at all. The only way around it is to power off the G4. I had this same problem with Panther up until 10.3.7 or so but 10.3.9 never did this. The 10.4.2 was installed after a complete reformat. Any ideas?
Just waded through this mess on a single processor G4 1GHz that would not fully wake up from sleep: It left me with either a black screen or with a frozen system (mouse and keyboard dead, no remote login possible). Each time I had this problem it was related to specific hardware I use with this G4. In some cases it was a PCI card whose firmware revision became obsolete after a MacOSX update (e.g. an ATI Radeon 8500 and an ACARD IDE controller that needed to be reflashed with the latest firmware). The latest "Crash On Wake From Sleep" hit me after I added a simple (but old) PCI card with additional USB-ports. It worked but also crashed the G4 on each and every wake-up attempt. After I ripped out that PCI USB-card and repaired the system using Applejack after single-user reboot and DiskWarrior I'm now back to normal. I find Applejack a very valuable asset in my toolbox of tricks –you can find it on http://www.versiontracker.com and it's free as in beer too!

So I would advice to go looking for PCI cards that may have outdated firmware revisions (just look up the manufacturers websites and download the latest flash utilities). TIGER is especially prone to bring up this type of problem because Apple did major changes to the way the kernel handles threads while multitasking as well as major changes to the HFS filesystem.

hope this helps -mike