Login Screen Keeps Coming Back


Every time i try to start up my G4 powermac i reach the login screen with my name and password. I enter my name and enter, the screen goes to blue but then returns to the login screen again! I can reach the hard disk through 9.2 restarting from a disk but can seem to change anything that helps... any suggestion most welcome.
And just what version of MacOS X are you running?

I have noted that a number ('some' Apple would say) have had similar events with MacOS X 10.4.x. If so, your system is basically unaccessible.

You could try launching from the (unknown) MacOS Installation CD or DVD, and attempt to change your password. However, I have yet to see such attempts work.

Ahhh, MacOS X - the most stable and user friendly of Apple's OS'es ... at least that is what Apple, its touring representatives, and various MacOS X zealots proclaim.
In all fairness, MacOS X does have many nice features and benefits; the problem is - it is still in beta form.