Login Window/hook



I have built an application using xcode mainly using applescript and some shell script. The app is setup to tell the user that they have to agree to the company internet and email policy before entering the computer. It grabs a copy of the policy from an ftp site internally and copies it locally and displays that if they click on the “view policy” button. I’ve done it this way for 2 reasons one in case the policy is updated and two if they are using a laptop off the network it will timeout after a short period looking for the ftp site and just show them the local copy. Once they agree it shows a window with the I.T. MOTD. If they click the disagree button the app restarts the machine.

My problem is that I need the app to load after the login window but before the osx environment. I’ve tried the login hooks but it just seems to load along with the rest of the environment. All the macs authenticate to an OSX 10.3 server. I would have thought I could use it some how to show a message or something but alas not. That don’t mount any volumes on the file server, it’s just for authentication and managing preferences using workgroup manager.

When I get this working I need to roll it out on approx 200 OSX machines.

Any help on this would save me from beating my head against the wall.