Logitech Mobile Headset Connection Issue On Tiger


Hi folks,
I'm using the logitech mobile bluetooth headset with my pb g4 1.5 17 inch. No that I've installed tiger the headset is pairing with the system but is not working. I can see the connected headset in the bluetooth panel it say that a connection is established - but I'm not able to use it. It does't appers in the dropdown list near the clock and also I can not change the input and outpt device to the headset in the speaker settings. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Well I have the same problem and I do not see any resolution in these months of postings. I am going nuts with this--I too have Logitech (though I don't think the headset is the problem). any suggestions? help?
I think we have the same headset "Logitech Mobile Express" and I was able to get a connection from it after updating my bluetooth firmware using Bluetooth updater and then after the connection has been established I went ahead and change my output and input as the main device by choose the headset from the list in "Output" and "Input" Tab inside "Sound" in "System Pref". and it worked ! so maybe u forget to choose the headset as the device for inputting and outputting?

just a guess~

Hope that helps..
thanks for the info. i actually did all that and still had to rescan for the earphone each opening of the program or at any change in program at times. but now, because of an entirely different problem, i have had to reinstall the os and it seems to work well!
thanks again