Logitech Wheel Mouse for Macintosh


Rusher of Din
Anyone have this? Is it the exact same thing as the First Mouse Wheel, but the clear plastic? What really surprises me is that it says that it has a 6 ft. cord. Duh, it's for a Mac. Shouldn't it have the ~1 ft. cord? So they made the First Mouse Wheel in clear plastic and charged $15-$20 more?

Incidentally, anyone know and updates from Logitech for OS X drivers? I have a Kensington, but I prefer the feel of the Logitechs. Too bad my favorite, the First Mouse 3-button, is only PS/2.


Notorious Olive Counter
I have a Logitech USB wheel mouse - a couple of years old, plain beigey-grey. It's a pretty good mouse, nothing to complain about, except I would prefer one of those joystick-style scroll buttons to a wheel.

I also need the longer cord - about 4 ft is the min I would need - since I use an ergonomic keyboard, only available in PS/2, and usually put even regular keyboards in my lap. (easier on the shoulders)


Somewhat off topic, but I noticed when I ran System Profiler that the G4 Pro Mouse identifies itself as a Logitech... Just thought that was interesting.


Yep, I've got the Logitech Optical Mouse with my iMac. Although the combination looks horrible, it works perfectly. The cord however is ridiculously long.


The Logitec optical Mouse and the Apple Pro Mouse are not the exact same thing are they?... though clearly the latter is made by Logitech?

My Apple Pro Mouse's USB cable is only 1 foot long.

The keyboard cable is fairly short too, but it came with a 2ft extension.


I've got a Logitech optical Wheelmouse (metalic blue, ergonomical form). It works well with OS X. No drivers required. The cord is *long* Don't know how long though, 'coz I'm not at home right now.