Logon Issue


Here's a good one. You guys are my last hope. I have an OS X logon issue. If login under a local profile, there are no issues. When my user attempts to login (network authentication) the loggin in bar scrolls forever. I a new user logs in there are no issues. If that same user logs off, then attempts to log in again, the login bar sits forever. If I log in as a local user, and delete the previous network user's profile, that user is able to login again, but (of course) when that same user logs off, and attempts to log back in (you guesed it) the loggin in bar once again hangs. The longest I let it scroll is 2 hours.

I've verified and repaired disk perissions 3 times. The G5 is getting an IP address from the DHCP server (IP Network, Windows Active Directory enviroment). I've logged in as the user on another G5, and there are no issues. I used my network signon and can initially get in, but if I log off, I can not log back on. No other users (out of 40 MAC users) on our network have this issue.

I've ran every patch available for OS X 10.3.

Grasping for straws, I moved the users HD to a new out of the box G5 (same model), and the same issues persist. So it's not hardware. I'm about to reimage this G5, but I'd like to see if there is anything that can be done before I turn my user's world upside down with a rebuild.

Thanks in advance!



Did you ever figure out what was wrong? I have almost the same problem. Except that only ONE user hangs during logon.

I am running 10.3.9, with the latest set of patches installed (as of 7/3/06). One user cannot logon to either of two iMacs. The same user can logon to different machines (I have confirmed a 10.3.8, and a 10.3.9 system). Other network users can logon/logoff either of those two machines without any problem.

The home directory of the user that cannot logon does get created. I have trashed the old copy, and tried the logon again, and still had the same problem, and the home directory is recreated.

The last entry in the log is loginwindow: Login of User "...." NOT recorded... The same message appears for other users that can logon successfully, so that's not the problem.