lollipop never leaves after startup!!!


help pllllllllllllllease!!!
i'm running osx 10.3 and my mouse becomes a revolving lollipop as soon as i try to click on something after startup. I can't even use my keyboard shortcuts to access folders.
I don't even know where this came from,...I finished using my computer and the damn thing froze up right before I went to shut it down.

I hope u techy people stay up late cause I really need you!


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Hi kitty mc,

How much space do you have on your hard drive? How much of that space is free? At least 10 % of the space? One very simple reason why something like you describe would happen occurs when you are running out of free space (among other issues). So a Mac to run smooth would ideally have at least 15 % of the hard drive space free.


Hi Giaguara,
Hmmm....i wonder if i do have space.
i'll check that out.

I was in panic mode and used my recovery disk to restart the computer and everything seems to be ok now. I'm so glad I got my assignments back otherwise it would have been an all-nighter.

so how do i check my hard drive space.


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Highlight the Mac hard drive and hit Apple-I. You should see a window fly open with information about your hard drive, including the amount of space left on the drive.

BTW, no matter what OS you use, if you are low on space you will experience similar anomalies like the one you experienced on your Mac. Food for thought. :)