Lombard blues


It appears the 10.1 install took out my Lucent Wireless PC card hack and I don't have (hardware) DVD playability in 10.1 for my PB 333 (Lombard).

Anyone hear anything about these issues?
I have the PowerBook G3 Lombard (low end 333MHz) It didn't include a DVD kit so of course no DVD unless you purchased a kit in which if it is non-Apple it may not be supported. And the wirless card I would say an update would remove a hack.
My DVD kit was Apple BTO. Hopefully, Apple will try to correct this oversight with their equipment in the future. Otherwise, I'll always have to include an OS9 system to playt my DVD's.

I'll try to hack the wireless PC card again this weekend to see if the old 10.0.4 method works in 10.1.

Of course, this could be the price I have to pay for being an early adopter...