Lombard Is Overheating


I have a second hand G3 Powebook Lombard that I believe is overheating. The unit would freeze up frequently at random times and I noticed it would get very hot. With the keyboard removed and a fan blowing on the CPU it runs fine. I checked and everything seems to be seated ok but it just gets hot. Furthermore system profiler detects the lombard as 433Mhz. I thought the previous owner might have tried to overclock but I checked the board and and nothing has be altered, looking at the solder points its running at 66Mhz at 6x multiplier. Again it's reporting it as 433Mhz 6.5x @ 66Mhz. Any possible fixes? I've tried PRAM resets, PMU resets and nothing worked. So far I can run fine in OS9 with energy saver set to power saving, otherwise it will get hot and the machine freezes. OSX runs stable as long as I have a fan blowing on the CPU. Is there software I can use to force it to run at a slower speed?

From what I can tell the system has all the stock parts for a Lombard 400Mhz powerbook except the RAM has been switched out with a 128M in lower slot and 256 on top.