Long File Names


Does anyone know what the deal is with long file names and the "unix file system"

It appears that filenames are limited to the same length as on the mac os extended file system. At first i thought it was a gui limitation but the same file name length shows up in the terminal window.

any ideas?

I'm not wure what limit you're referring to. HFS+ has a limit of filenames of around 250 characters, I believe, and I certainly haven't hit that limit. Just as a test, I did

mv finklist.txt finklistjusttestingfilenamelengthiwonderift

in the terminal, with no problem. The same should certainly be true with UFS.

With long filenames, it's possible you're hitting the limit of the number of characters you're allowed to put in one line in the terminal, though.

Perhaps if you give a description of what you're trying to do, that might help.
well, i currently have a server in which i'm accessing via ftp (console, interarchie, fetch) and i'm mirroring directories that are very deep, and have long names, possibly about 4 dirs deep, with each dir having a name length of 20 to 40 charictors. the filenames themselves can have a length of 40 charictors. I dont think at any point i'm exceeding 250 charictors.

what i get is file and directory names with ... in the middle of them. I originally thought this was due to the gui, and dragging it to the desktop, but then i did the xfer with the console ftp, and it didn't help.

Thanks for any help,
The God awful ellipses in the Finder should be fixed up in 10.1. I saw a picture that showed a name wrapping to two rows in icon view. I'm not sure what it will do in column view, but since individual columns are resizeable, that should help considerably. Now, if it's all as fast as everyone is saying...
i figured out what is going on.. the ftp programs are using and old api which limits the file names to 32 charicters.