Look at ShotScreen of new G4 Chassis before too late

PLEASE! Someone's gotta have the pics! I NEED TO SEE THEM!

They're probably fake, but I want to see what they look like.

Anyone have them and can email them to me? My address is above. No, wait.. It's not.. It's not even below. Um.. Ok, then it's <SPAM Machine Dodging>Jasoco at Jasoco dot com</SPAM Machine Dodging>
Of course these aren't grayware pictures of Macs, because they don't exist, right, Apple? So it's okay to post them.

LOL Apple request to removed the preview of new G4 Chassis! Thanks rharder to post four picture of new G4. I have no idea if its real one or not? Simple we wait till we hear from Steven Jobs on July 17! Time is ticking!
Here's a better pic of the same computer. If you ask me (which you didn't, but too bad;)), it looks like this new one if simply a shrunk down version of the G4 pic at http://www.apple.com/powermac/ slightly modified with the clone tool. I actually think the one that was on macosx.org was more realistic-this new one looks like you'd find it in an ad.


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I'm surprised that these pics haven't been taken down yet. every other site and/or forum i've been to has had a run in with apple legal.
no, not at all. it looks pretty lame to me. i hope these pictures are fake, or just some custom job someone did on they're mac, cause it'll be pretty anticlimatic. apple has such a good track record on coming up with innovative design, this one just seems like someone came up with it in their basement.

on a slighty related note, i've also heard that the flat panel imacs are a myth, and that the new imacs are just slight modifications on the old design. is apple running out of ideas? i hope not.
I actually think it looks OK. Better than the current one, at least. Remember, they have the Flower Power and Blue Dalmatian iMacs out. It's not like Apple's afraid to put out something people think is weird (BTW, I think they are selling pretty well!).

Maybe the new G4 will be beige! That would be really funny! They would have to change their slogan to "Think Retro" lol:D
Originally posted by davidbrit2
He he, then maybe they would bring back the floppy drive! Albeit 400 KB single sided...

I can already see the ad: The new G4, now with the real SuperDisk! :D
I doubt they are real. I bet the new G4's will be more like the TiBook and iBook. Slimmer, a little more square and metallic. I think the G4 and iMac are long overdue for a form change. But we'll find out in a few days. :)
It's kind of funny how Apple is coming full circle back to the old industry standard of straight edges, pointy corners, and grey exteriors. Personally, I like my computers to look like computers, so I kinda like the trend. Maybe they'll start packaging G4s in old Altair cases...
But was there ever a PC (in general, not just windows) made of Titanium before the TiBook? They are still innovating, just now they don't have Tangerine, Key Lime and Strawberry!
I agree. I would rather see a more square G4 enclosure. The TiBook is square but it still looks very nice. If they applied that design to the new G4 I think that would be good. More importantly though is what's under the hood. I would love to see Firewire 2 (it's been approved, but just recently, so I don't think it will mkae it.) and lots of dual processor configs. Alos, if Apple doesn't roll out flat Panel iMacs, which I don't think they will, I think the iMac sales will be in trouble. a new form factor is DESPERATLY needed for the iMac. At the very least they should have a video card that supports dual monitors. Monitor size is the #1 complaint I hear bout the iMac. If I could get a cheap iMac that allowed dual displays, I would probly get the 15" flat panel. they also need to think about putting G4's in the new iMac's to help speed up OS X. This is the darkhorse I'm hoping for.