Looking for a music-channel in MacOSX


I went to a friends place to check out his recent install of OsX! He had iTunes (I think the name was) playing a radio-channel with Really weird music playing. He said that it was one of the bookmarks in MacOSX.

The name of the station was a two word-word, foreign, and consisted of a long word followed by a short. The first word started with an "S". The music was experimental!

The name made me think of some Island in Thailand in the way it was pronounced!

Samuai pai

or something...

Please help me out on this one, my friend is out of town for a long while now and I really want to check that station out!
my favorite kind. good luck trying to find that radio station, there's hundreds, and not all of them are up all the time. But in the meantime, if you want weird experiemental music, I have a name:

Mr. Bungle

You have your assignment.