Looking for a true remote file system that is in the cloud


When a file is just remote (not local) with iCloud and I've been told the same is true with DropBox, there is a stub and an application can't just open the stub and have the file system fetch the pieces of the file at it is read by the app without the app knowing anything about it.

NFS is an example of a remote file system that's existed for decades. I bet many on this forum know what I'm talking about which is why I came here to ask my question. I'm looking for a cloud service that is basically a backed up, secure, remote file system. Utopia would be a way to remote log in so I can run commands like exiftool on the local files.
Well,this might not be a conplete answer to your question, but you could take a look at Eltima’s CloudMounter. CloudMounter mounts remote storage locations as if it they are local devices!
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