Looking for good pinball games


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I think that we can all agree that Mac pinball games are pathetically outnumbered by Windows and even DOS pinballs. That being said, does anybody know of any excellent pinball games for the Mac? I've got Royal Flush, and while it's very realistic, the gameplay does leave a little to be desired because of the table's simplicity. The 3D Pro Pinball (Thrillride, etc...) series looks like it might be plagued with excessively complex tables. A game of pinball shouldn't take a half an hour. If anybody has ever played Slam Tilt pinball for Windows, then you know what I'm looking for. That's got to be one of the best set of four pinball tables that I've played in a long time. What might I find that's along the same lines?
There are a lot of different Pinball Games for MacOS (9 unfortunately).

At home, I've got The Web, 3D Ultra Pinball 1 and Loony Labyrint.
From my experience, The Web never takes up more than half an hour for a game (well, maybe I'm just a too bad player :D )
I've also tested it under OS X, and it runs pretty well. As good as under 9! I've also tested 3D Ultra Pinball, and it runs well, too.
I've not tested Loony L. yet, but I guess it will also run on X.

In my opinion, The Web is the best pinball simulation on MacOS. It incredible fast and realistic and makes a lot of fun to play :)
Hey there.

I'm not aware of any OS X-native games yet, but here's all the games we have listed: http://www.gamedb.com/ssps/0/0/00018

You might want to note Angel Egg and TRISTAN, which are both from Little Wing, the same Japanese company that created Loony Labyrinth. I believe you can buy them electronically from their Web site.

Oh yeah, Angel Egg is definitely cool. I've played the demo, and one of these days I might buy a copy. The same goes for Golden Logres. My only complaint about the games from Littlewing is that the flippers always seem to be coated with peanut butter. They're still very enjoyable, though.