Looking for good Video iChat compatible PC app

eric halfabee

You talking to me!
Hi all

I'm writing this from my new iMac G5 after finally opening the purse strings and parting way a with a few bob or two – with a little help from my father, (my last computer was a PowerComputing 150 Mhz beast that I sold last year for about US$100).

The reason for his help was that I now have no excuse for not emailing him and keeping in touch more often than I do and the like, as he is in the UK and I'm in New Zealand.

Now does anyone know of a good PC app that works with iChat or one that has a Mac version so I can do a little video conferencing with him on 'his' new PC.

Cheers Eric
For video conferencing... iChat is compatible on the PC side with AIM messenger, 5.5 or better.

If you don't have a lot of bandwidth, or video doesn't look smooth enough, or sometimes you just prefer to call, skype works on all platforms. With lower bandwidth its sound quality sounds nice (better than phoneline often). :)