Looking for time tracking tool


Looking for software that will ask me every N minutes "what are you working on now". I switch often between different projects, and always forget to go the traditional time management and note when I switched. I'd like the computer to do it for me.

Anyone know of any free/shareware software that does this? Doesn't have to be fancy, just pop up at settable intervals, lets me select/enter the current project, then totals things up later.
Well, if you install Yahoo!'s FREE Konfabulator app ( http://www.konfabulator.com ), there's actually quite a few free widgets that do this sort of thing, including:

Job Logger - http://widgetgallery.com/view.php?widget=35786

Bill It! - http://widgetgallery.com/view.php?widget=37155

Ball of Time - http://widgetgallery.com/view.php?widget=35791

I personally prefer Ball of Time, which allows me to choose a project first, and then start the timer. However, it sounds like the way you use it, you'd prefer Bill It!, which asks you every x minutes what you're working on (the "every x minutes" is user definable).

Hope this helps.
Sounds promising. How is konfabulator different from the regular dashboard? Do I have to go a "konfabulator" app to see things, or will they just run on my desktop screen?

Ah, heck with it, I'll download and give it a whirl, see what happens.

Konfabulator was the FIRST product to set up an architecture with JavaScript widgets... Apple shamelessly copied the idea with Dashboard. (There's a whole saga about the situation, really)

Konfabulator's widgets can either hang around on various levels of your desktop (below all other windows, as a regular window, or floating above other windows), OR, you can keep your Konfab widgets on the "Konspose" layer (which is like Dashboard).
I'll make no comment about the inverse relationship between ethics and company size. Nope, not a single comment.

Tried konfabulator. Have now turned off dashboard, and bill-it works mostly like what I wanted. It's cost me some time as I explored various other widgets of course.
Do dashboard widgets work in konfabulator?

Nope. The code in Dashboard and Konfabulator widgets is too different, sadly. And from what I've read, porting from one type to the other sounds like a project unto its own.

... Yeah. Between Dashboard and Konfabulator, I've become a complete widget-junkie.