lookupd dies


Just wondering if anybody else has a problem with their domain name resolution. For some reason, while just surfing around all of a sudden Internet Explorer can't find anything. You type in an address and immediately it replies "The specified server cannot be found" Originally I thought it a qwirk in IE, but then I tried to ping a domain name from the Terminal and it says "ping: unknown host http://www.apple.com" or whatever host I try to ping.

Nothing I seemed to do worked except rebooting, which is really frustrating when you are dealing with an operating system that shouldn't need to be restarted. Anyway, I finally discovered that if I kill -HUP the lookupd process it works again for a while but then unexpectedly dies. During these periods where lookupd fails, the Classic environment just keeps working just fine. It resolves all domain names and works just like expected.

So, then checked the logs and here is what I discover there about lookupd (system.log)

Jan 26 19:58:42 osx lookupd[1030]: DNSAgent: dns_fqdn_query_server - query failed for
Jan 26 19:58:45 osx lookupd[1030]: DNSAgent: dns_send_query_server - timeout for
Jan 26 19:58:45 osx lookupd[1030]: DNSAgent: dns_read_reply - reply from wrong server (

And it's not just that particular name server, I get the same errors from all the different name servers I have defined in the Network Control Panel.

If anyone can shed some light on this for me I would really appreciate it.


Have you ever found a solution to this problem? I am getting the exact same errors to the console...

Chad Johnson
I have recently upgraded to OS X 10.0 and haven't had the problem since. I think what I discovered on the Beta was that if I only listed one nameserver in the control panel I never had the problem. It was like it sent the request and didn't receive a response so it sent it to the other server and then the first one answered. Not sure if that's what really happened but I do believe that by putting only one dns number in there did take care of the problem.