lookupd never stops, well, looking up


I recently upgraded to an iMac G5 (1 gig RAM) and have noticed at random times that my Activity Monitor peggs out my CPU% usage. There seems to be no predictable pattern as to why this happens or what I am asking of the machine for this root process to engage. What's worse, lookupd does not quit maxing out the CPU unless I restart. I've let it go overnight before (and numerous times for 2-3 hours) and it never returns to the baseline.

I'm still able to operate the machine and open new applications, the process seems to just utilize whatever is leftover of the CPU.

But it bugs me that my computer is doing stuff without my consent, and will seemingly keep doing it for all eternity. I have no other operational issues with the machine.

Does anyone know what's going on? Or should I just deactivate my menu meters and live in ignorant bliss?