Lord Have Mercy !!!!!!


happy (again)
HELP ME PLEASE !!! I am the idiot that was trying to install os 10.1 with a broken cd drive. Now I am the idiot stuck in UNIX with no way out. !!! I copied all the files from the 10.1 update CD onto a partition of my hard disk. I still could not install. So I got the stupid idea of booting off the partition with the 10.1 update on it. THAT WAS STUPID :( Now my G4 has a black screen with unix crap on it. I do not know how to get back to another system folder. Holding down the option key with restart does not work!!! What can I type in unix to get back????? please help me... I have a paper due tomarrow.
:) I am saved :) After restarting the G4 about 20 times... using a different keyboard combination each time... I finally got the G4 to boot into 9.2 the command in option apple c. I have to go change my pants now :)