Loss of Explorer



Sorry - I've mailed you about this before. I still haven't been able to reinstate Explorer on my iMac, which is running System 9.2.2.

I found an "MS repair" folder & ran it, which appeared to reinstall files but, when I clicked the icon I still got the "Application has unexpectedly quit. Error message 2, etc". Ben gave me a website where I could download Explorer but, every time I try to do this, Netscape blocks the download. (Can't say I blame them for giving Bill Gates some grief back, but it's a heck of a pain to me!). I've checked the discs which came with the iMac, but there is nothing for Explorer & it is not on the Applications disc (nor is Netscape). Might they be on the System Install disc?

Any advice you can give would be very much appreciated as the version of Netscape I have is very bad & the Messenger does not have the security features Outlook Express has - like being able to delete names/e-mail addresses of people previously forwarded to, or hiding e-mail addresses when mailing groups.

Many thanks for all your time & trouble

The following is based on a 'Mac OS 9.1' installation CD.

'Internet Explorer' v. 5.0 (2022) can be found in the 'Software Installers:Microsoft Internet Explorer IE:parts:Internet Explorer 5:Internet Explorer 5 Folder' folder.

If all you need is 'Internet Explorer', just drag it from the above 'Internet Explorer 5 Folder' folder to your hard disk drive's 'Applications (Mac OS 9)' or equivalent, 'Internet Explorer 5' folder.

'Gig' does provide a link to a more recent version of 'Internet Explorer', v. 5.1.7 - which Microsoft claims to resolve (some) security vulnerabilities.
You may want to install the 5.0 version (as explained above), and then use it to obtain the 5.1.7 version.