Lost E-mails After Clean Os X Tiger Installation


I just did a clean install of Tiger on my powerbook.
Before doing that I copied all the "important" stuff from the drive such as documents, libraries etc.
After successful installation of Tiger, I updated to 10.4.2 and basically made sure that software update was clean before moving on to retrieving my files.
I opened the new mail application (2.0.2) and re-created my accounts and all and then imported the previous mailboxes using the built-in function. I retrieved everything all right BUT not the messages that were still in the various "inbox" and "sent messages" of all the accounts. Basically it appears that I could only retrieve the mail that was put away in the various folders I had created.

I still have the "old" libraries for all the accounts on the mac; is there a way to get those missing messages back at all ???

Thanks in advance,


P.S. : I noticed that in the new version, some of the folders are "plain white" and others are "blue"; where does this come from ???