Lost Email In Entourage


I have entourage on an imac running OS 9, I also have entourage on an imac running OS X.2. I was forwarding my email from one computer to the other when I deleted it from my OS 9 computer it also disappeared from my OS X computer. How can I retrieve my lost email?
Look in Entourage's Trash folder. It should still be there. Just move them back to the correct mailbox.
Whenever you have more than one computer accessing the same email box, always make sure one of them is set to "leave messages on server".

Also carefully check the settings related to deleting from server when deleting locally.
Also make regular backups of your Entourage data files, since that's where it keeps "local" copies of your email.

On OS X these files are in ~<home_directory>/Documents/Microsoft User Data/