Lost Mail Folders


I store some of my email in a folder called Saved Mail that has several sub and sub-sub folders identified by group names and individual names. Wanted to add a new sub-folder and discovered that my only option was to add a Smart Mailbox Folder. I tried this and realized it isn't the same as my existing folder structure. When I deleted the newly added Smart Mailbox Folder, my entire Saved Mail structure was also deleted. Well, I don't want to whine, but every important email for the last three years was contained there. (actually I still have everything up to May 2005 in my Entourage application but have lost the last three months of information) Any way to recover these folders and files? They don't appear in Library>Mail.

This all happened in Mail 2.0.3 (734). Also, is there any way to add plain folders in Mail like I used to be able to do?