Lost my 'head' (command)


I was trying to install qmail and I discovered that the 'head' command (print initial lines of a file) got overwritten by the HTTP-related 'HEAD' command. (Yes, I am using the case-insensitive HFS+ file system.)

What's the simplest/best way to get my 'head' back? I suppose I could write a replacement in perl, but I'd rather have the original back.
Where did the HEAD command get installed, if it didn't get installed in teh same directory as the head command then you should be able to just change the name of HEAD or delete it.
'HEAD' was installed on top of (replacing) 'head' in /usr/bin. I've since determined that it was perl's lib-www install that did it.
I've not messed with Qmail, so my head is intact. I've attached a copy (from 10.1 to the thread) for your convienience. Or, you could get and build the textutils package.


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Thanks for the file! (head.zip)

Just to clarify: Qmail did _not_ clobber 'head' -- libwww did. I didn't notice the problem until trying to build qmail. (qmail's make file makes extensive use of head.)

leave the HEAD file in /usr/bin

this is an HFS+

HFS+ remembers Case but doesn't care about it.

there are a number of problems which this creates.

eg. Perl wants to create a makefile and a Makefile to compile perl5.6.1

so you either have a spare UFS volume to compile on or edit the configuration files so that first makefile is called GnuMakefile or whatever just so it won't overwrite.