Lost outgoing mail


Machine: iMac DV-SE 500
Application: Apple Mail

I've been having a problem with Apple Mail where some of my outgoing mail appears to be getting lost. Unfortunately the app doesn't give any real-time feedback on whether mail which gets sent is actually delivered. Sure sometimes I get an SMTP error but that appears to be unrelated to my lost mail.

My ISP has an odd setup where they have two mail servers, called "pop3" and "mail". POP3 which is supposed to be used for receiving mail has no SMTP support while "mail" has SMTP. The problem could be getting Apple Mail to use the right machine for sending and receiving, I'm not sure.

Anyone else had any problems sending mail? Any tips on how to set it up? Thanks!

It wouldn't be so frustrating if like Eudora, Apple Mail kept better track of the sent mail status and gave better feedback but unfortunately it does not. Unfortunately if I can't get this problem solved I will need to go back to OS9 for my day to day work which I would really hate to have to do.

Any suggestions and/or links to support or discussion pages with info on how to troubleshoot mail problems would be appreciated, thanks!
Looks like I had my incoming and outgoing mail machines backwards. Once I swapped them everything seems to be working ok. I'd still prefer some graphical indication that outbound mail was being sent and a little better assurance that mail can't be lost but overall it's working fine now.