Lost Preferences


I find Mac OSX to have more bugs then benefits. There's alot of stuff here I dont want to see or know about and miss a zillion features that arent here yet. Im a user not a unix-head. Take lost preferences. Suddenly on restart OSX will log me in and my login apps will no longer be in the login prefs. Clicking IE no longer launches internet connect. If I type over a password that I might have typed in wrong OSX changes it back. And now I can access my computer. There's no documentation. I realize there are and will be lots of OSX tweeks from 3rd party people but that doesnt do me any good. I WORK on this machine and cant be wasting time finding, downloading and installing fixes and enhancements. It is stable thats the only good thing I can say for OSX. I ask why did Apple charge me $139 for this?????