Love It!


A friend of mine is a mac guru, and owns the local mac store, it took me one evening of playing, and a week to update to X after it came out. I'm running it on a G3 400 powerbook which I use quite heavily at work. So far no problems - true, the interface is a little slower, but I love the stability (I'm running a program & process today which crashed 9.1 3 or 4 times a day when I ran it 2 weeks ago - X hasn't missed a beat (with an app for X), and the endless possibilities that I have with the unix underpinnings - let it seem a little slow.

I've had several people ask me how many times I've had to go back to 9.1 to work - never - all the apps that I need to run work great in classic (web development).

If you don't mind learning something new, exploring and being challenged (for power users wanting the sky), this is a great OS.

I agree completely. I love Macs, and I love UNIX. OS X is a perfect marriage of the two. It's very enjoyable to be greeted with a friendly Mac interface for most everyday tasks, and be just a mouse click away from the terminal for performing more harsh administrative tasks. It's the best mass market consumer UNIX I've seen so far. (Tell me if there's a better one - I wouldn't want to miss that!)
i absolutely agree...
it's brilliant! no real problems so far whatsoever, and it looks sooo cool... and isn't it great when an app crashes and the system just doesn't care? far less restarts than before ... also, has anyone noticed a really nice feature: if an app crashes and won't restart, just log out and back in again ... presto, it works!

love it. thanks, steve!
Actually I just found an app that took down the whole system: ZTerm. I probably could have sshed into my computer and killed all my processes, but I was too lazy. It totally locked the gui. This strikes me as funny, as the non-carbonized version used to trash 9.X most of the time.