Is there support for lpr in OSX? I have a NT machine with unix services sharing and hp laserjet 6p and an epson inkjest via lpd.
Yes, lpd / lpr is there ... I've been trying to figure out how to submit a job using lpr to my printer, but I haven't been very successful, even though it's up and running.
lpr works fine (sortof) but you have to

1) lpr -PLaserJet filename # name the printer (same as you named it in PrintCenter)


2) setenv PRINTER "LaserJet" , then lpr filname works ok

BUT i have another topic, how do you print textfiles ? The printing works, but the linebreaks etc. are messed up.

Do you have to specify a filter ot something in netinfo/printcap ??
Well the Print command works just fine for this... Converts to PostScript and prints...
If I remember correctly, this is an old problem with HP (maybe others) printers, if you are able to send a CTRL-D before the text file is sent then the stepping effect goes away. I think the control character forces the printer to alter the way in which it interprets "line feed" and "carraige return" pairs.

You can test this by putting a CTRL-D at the top of your text file.

As said above you can always encapsulate the text as a postscript file, but only if you have a printer with postscript capability.